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Answers: Hungarian Wellness Mud™ FAQ





What is Hungarian Wellness Mud?
It is mud harvested from a special region in Hungary that has been used for hundreds of years to help all kinds of conditions to heal. This mud is also certified by the Hungarian Ministry of Health as a curative mud.

How is it used?
It is applied hot (around 107 degrees F or 42 C) and then wrapped in a towel to keep the heat in. The ‘mud pack’ is applied for about 20 min. before it is removed. The area is then rinsed clean with water (no soap), healing will continue for hours after the pack is removed.

What conditions are typically helped by the mud?
Soft tissue injuries such as pulled and strained muscles have had great success with the mud. Joint injuries such as sprain/strains, arthritis and overuse syndromes are helped tremendously as well. Chronic arthritic joints, gout and degenerative joints have all received incredible relief with the Hungarian Mud.

Does the treatment hurt?
No. The treatment actually feels very soothing and relaxing! The mud is administered at around 107 degrees F, which is a typical setting for a hot tub. The treatment only lasts 20 min., but the effects last for hours afterwards.

How long until I feel the effects of the mud?
While everyone is different, it is not uncommon to feel immediate relief after the mud is removed. It may take several treatments before you feel the healing effects of the mud. Tissue repair and healing occur when the mud is applied…depending on how much damage has occurred, you may feel results immediately or several treatments later. It is best to adhere to a series of treatments with the mud and allow time for healing to occur.

Is it hard to use the home packs?
No, it is very simple and easy to use the home packs. Just be sure to use a meat thermometer to test the temperature of the mud prior to application…this will ensure best results.

How does it work?
The mud is heated and wrapped around the affected area to drive minerals in the mud deep into the tissues where it is needed. During the application, you will have a greater effect as the minerals will be driven deeper because of the natural pressure being applied from the mud pack’s natural weight. The mud also helps to draw out toxins that are being held deep in the tissues. Both detoxification and tissue repair happens at the same time then with the Hungarian Wellness Mud.

How long does it last? How often will I need a treatment?
Again, while every condition and every body is different it may take only one treatment for the pain to subside and be completely alleviated. It can, however take up to 15 treatments for some of the more chronic and serious conditions to see relief. In Hungry, it is standard procedure for serious/ chronic conditions to have a treatment every other day for 15 treatments.

Is it safe to have other modes of therapy at the same time as using the mud?
The mud is commonly used in conjunction with Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and many other adjunctive therapies.

Is it only used for injuries and chronic conditions?
No. The mud is very commonly used to reduce the effects of stress on the body as well. It is not uncommon to have a full body treatment to relieve the effects of life’s constant stress. After a full body treatment, muscles are more relaxed, tension is removed, swelling decreases, range of motion increases, energy surges and a sense of relaxation and well being are often reported. A regular maintenance application of mud helps the body in its overall wellness and is a great way to help keep your body from getting sick.