Hungarian Wellness Mudô Therapy Methodology

HWM™ Therapy works in three distinct manners when used as a form of hydrotherapy:

Mechanical Therapy - The weight and density of the hydrated mudpack is used as a hot/cold compress over affected areas of the body. The weight of the mudpack will assist the penetration of minerals and/or the stimulation or decrease in circulation of affected areas.

Thermal Abilities - The composition of this HWM™ Therapy Pack is comprised of minerals (60 % silicone dioxide) that have cold/heat retaining abilities to reduce swelling and/or encourage blood circulation more effectively than traditional cold/hot packs used in clinics today.

Mineral Absorption - Due to the increase of blood circulation during the HWM™ Therapy, minerals can be absorbed through the layers of skin. These same minerals have the ability to assist the blood vessels in flushing out toxins from the muscle fibers and are subsequently carried through the circulatory system to be deposited to areas devoid of minerals. The outcome expectations may leave a client with less pain and swelling over affected areas of the body.

Hungarian Wellness Mud™ is applied to over 1000 people every day at Medicinal Spas and Thermal hotels all over Hungary, including the world famous Gellért Thermal Hotel & Spa, that has been using it since 1920. Hungarian Wellness Mud™ is certified ‘CURATIVE’ by the Hungarian Ministry of Health and it is the only mud therapy offered by the Hungarian National Health Service.