I pulled my hamstring about 1 year ago during my track season and I was not able to continue running cause it was too painful. I am trying to run track for a living so it is like a job for me. I train 6 days a week so you can imagine what kind of stress not being able to run put me under. I have been seeing Dr. Mike for over 2 yrs getting adjustments and he told me about this mud therapy.

I came down off and on for about a week and then I tried to run the next week following the mud treatment and it was like I had never pulled it I was able to run with no pain and I have never had another hamstring problem since.

Thanks Dr. Mike,

Wesley Fox, Collegiate Athlete - 400M, Austin, TX


I felt that the power of one Mud treatment...

I am a lifelong athlete (ex-professional tennis player, and current triathlete) that has been injured many times. I have had many massages, physical therapy treatments, you name it. And I have never had any treatment that comes close to the results that MUD has had on me.

The first time had a Mud Treatment, I was running 60 miles a week, I had hurt my hamstring in training, and had hobbled in to see Dr Mike .I had taken the last few days off due to my hamstring being in so much pain (which is hard for any athlete to do). He checked my hamstring out to find that it wasn’t in good shape at all, as well as the rest of my body has been totally overstressed .He suggested the Mud treatment and he had me on the table applying the Mud 10 min later.

When I lay down, I could feel my hamstring and back burning in pain, but over the minutes, I could feel the pain completely go away. After the treatment it felt as if I had a brand new body, literally. I had no aches or pains anywhere, I got up and worked around normally, there was no more pain in my hamstring.

The next day, since I was feeling better than ever, I went to do a Hill workout with my running group. The hamstring was fine! After that treatment, I had no hamstring issues. This was the quickest treatment and recovery I had ever experienced.

To me, I felt that the power of one Mud treatment was way better than the healing feeling I would get from having many deep tissue massage treatments. After I have a massage, I feel that a little healing has occurred, but I still feel that pain that I went in with. it usually takes a few sessions for me to really get results .Not once have I ever felt the feeling of having a new and healthy body with no pain after any session , which is the feeling you get from Mud.

Natasha Van Der Merwe, Austin, TX


I found Hungarian Wellness Mud completely on accident.

I've been a
Chiropractor for almost 19 years now, and I've always taken care of a large number of people. That being said, I'm approached (often) with just about every new item dropped into the 'healthcare' industry that you could imagine. Most of the products are at least good.some not so good.a few are great.and every once in a while a real gem! The first time that the mud was presented to me I thought: 'that sounds different - I'm not really into mud.sounds more like a spa treatment. I've definitely heard of mud wraps and mud baths at different spas.' The conclusion was simple and quick, thanks but no thanks. That, of course, was just before I had a few 'mishaps'.

Mishaps in the world of Dr. Mike are no stranger! I've always been extremely active and have always been involved with sports (usually more than one at a time) and I'm no stranger to injuries. I've never had (and hopefully never will again) 2 serious concussions and a fairly serious car accident within 3 months of each other! Ok.it was a bad year except all of this happened a few months after hearing about the mud. The week that the car accident happened (one week after the second concussion a couple of months after the first) I was, how shall we say - presented another opportunity to try the mud. This time I was listening with both ears and all of my attention! By this point I was a real mess. I had severe headaches, muscle tension, spasms and pain from the back of my head down to my toes, I was stuttering and had a major problem with short-term memory. I was stiff and sore through my back and neck and it was a struggle just to make it through my day. I'm sure I had more symptoms than that - but you get the idea, that was my day-to-day reality and I had to sort it out fast! When I was asked to try a full body mud treatment - I didn't hesitate.

Obviously things worked out fantastically or I wouldn't be writing this. I think that it is important to note that I have been exposed to dozens of different approaches and techniques to help my body get - be - and - stay healthy over the past 20 years in the health profession. What I'm saying is I'm an educated consumer in this field and when I say I've never had my body respond to a treatment the way it responded to the mud treatment, I'm drawing from a very deep well of experiences. Most dramatically was the decrease in the amount of pain that I felt (almost none). The next was this sensation that a great weight was lifted off my shoulders, neck and back - I literally felt lighter. I had a greater range of motion in my neck immediately and the spasms were dramatically decreased. My expectations were far surpassed by the actual results. My lower and middle back spasms went down as well, it was easier to breath and I could stand straight up without pain. I felt like my healing was 'fast forwarded' about a month - instantly!

Since that time (about 2 years) I've been using the mud on patients in my practice. I've used it with Professional athletes, elderly patients with different types of degenerative arthritis, sprained ankles, torn muscles, swollen-painful joints, herniated discs, aches and pains of all sorts and it just works. This stuff has been working for centuries! Let's face it to be used for hundreds of years is first of all a rarity.second, it must work and work well.extremely well. With hundreds of years, millions of satisfied users, countless practitioners having delivered the therapy, no drugs or anything harmful to the body, simple and easy to use - it's hard to not embrace. My patients love the results they get and continue to send others to experience what I've also found to be an incredible therapy to help your body get well fast - Hungarian Wellness Mud.

Dr. Michael Maggio, Austin, TX


It hurt all day every day.

I separated my wrist 6yrs ago. Since then I've always had and lived with a constant pain there. I am very active in the martial arts. I train 4 times a week twice a day. As you can imagine, I punch, pull, grab and even stand sometimes in the wrist... IT HURT ALL DAY EVERY DAY!! On tope of that I'm a bartender at night, so that right wrist never rests.

I was coming in to see Mike for my back for months before I ever mentioned anything about my wrist, I wish I would have mentioned something earlier. He gave me crap about it but he was right too. I started the mud treatment and instantly the pain was reduced. I could bend my hand back!! It took a month and half but the pain stopped and hasn't come back. Not to over exaggerate but it feels a little stronger too.

Thank you Dr. Mike and Laura (Mud Queen).

I love you Guys

Israel Espiricueta, Austin, TX


Help my finger please.

Injured my finger and had a constant pain during the day. Tried and applied the mud a couple of times and now feels great!

Ali Houshmand, Austin, TX


I really liked the "mud".

It helped a lot. It seemed to "Jump Start" my healing. Dr. Mike is great. He has pulled me through a knee injury and sciatic nerve problem. It was very painful. The "Mud" is a good addition to his treatments. I have experienced a steady healing. I am now doing really good!

Thank you Dr. Mike!

Darlene Lesley, Austin, TX


It was great!

The mud helped my soreness in my hips, back (spine), and shoulders.

Joan Whitworth, Austin, TX


My son needed relief.

Dr. Mike,

I am amazed at the instant relief from the treatment. My knuckles were swelling and painful for about 2 months. It has been a week since I had the 20 minute mud treatment on my hands and I am still pain free. I would highly recomment the mud treatment.

Connie for Cole Quintanilla, Austin, TX


I am amazed at the instant relief .

Thank you for treating, my eight year old son, Cole with Hungarian Wellness mud!! After 2 weeks of conditioning for football his ankles hurt so badly, that he could barely walk. In addition to almost daily adjustments, we tried wrapping his ankles. Nothing gave him relief. I have to admit when you first suggested a treatment of the Wellness Mud Johnny and I were both skeptical. With Cole barely able to run, and struggling to walk, we were up for anything. All we can say is WOW! It really is amazing. Cole felt some immediate relief but the real relief came the next day after it really had time to work. We have not had trouble with aching ankles since!

Jenelle , Austin, TX


The old me is back in action!

For the past sixteen years I have lived with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and chronic pain. In 2001 came the diagnosis of Myofascial Pain Disorder and then Fibromyalgia. I have been forced to completely change my lifestyle. I had to leave a college program I was very passionate about completing. I had to give up driving which was very difficult as I had always been a very independent person. My illness had a profound impact on my family. I have had to depend on my husband to help me with daily personal tasks, our children had to be responsible for much of the housework. My children had always had an active strong athletic mom but she has been gone for a while now.

In February I was introduced to something new, Hungarian Wellness Mud and Lina Kennedy. We started doing full joint therapy. At first I was skeptical and wasn’t feeling that well but I noticed after every treatment I was more relaxed, feeling better, and had more energy. After the fourth and fifth treatments I regained my appetite (something else that had been gone for a while.) By the eighth treatment I was driving myself again. My pain has been greatly reduced and it takes much less medicine to manage the pain. I have started to enjoy having a life again and am looking forward to the rest of my mud treatments. I had big goals in life and now I can see they are attainable again.

Debbie, TX


Snake Oil? Not even close!

When I first heard of the HWM™ I thought it was another snake or/and smoke treatment. I tried to keep an open mind. After just one treatment I had remarkable improvement.

Having had chronic tendonitis in my right arm for years I thought I had tried everything. Shots and medications did not work. Acupuncture helped to calm things down for a while. Nothing had given me such immediate relief. Nothing had given me such long tern relief. I highly recommend these treatments for anyone with any chronic pain.

After four treatments I have been pain free. This has been a great help in training for the Master’s National Rowing Competition. I row five to six days a week plus weight training. I now do treatments at home to keep the pain away. I have only had to resort to this once after a fall that flared my pain. This has been a tremendous find and a great help.

T. Brown, TX


My Shoulder Feels Better

Definite results… Improved blood flow and increased range of motion … it feels lighter and yet I have more stability and my skin feels smoother and firm. Thanks a gazillion.

M. Myers, TX


Lower Back Pain Feels Better

I had lower back pains and it feels much much better.  It doesn’t hurt as much as when I came in.

Tiffany, Austin, TX


Mud + Physio = Great Results

I am an active 48 year old male having continuous knee pain (Lt Knee).  Have seen orthopedic surgeon whose recommendation included some exercises and stretches – No significant improvement so far – After 1 20 minute treatment with the Hungarian mud the 1st thing I noticed with the first few steps was that my knee was flexing more than before – I also noticed a slight tingling sensation but more importantly an absence of pain, even when going up the stairs – I am decided that I will have continuing treatment for long term relief.

G. Dyer, TX


Pain Relief from 'Frozen Shoulder'

During the spring and summer of 2005 I began having annoying twinges of pain in my upper left arm and shoulder.  There were moments  of considerable pain when playing tennis.  I then noticed a lack of motion.  I was unable to put away the dishes since I could not reach the shelves in the kitchen.  By September, I decided to take action by consulting the doctor and beginning massage therapy.

After an MRI and X-Rays I was diagnosed with “Frozen Shoulder”.  There is no known cause, nor is there a medically prescribed treatment.  By that time I was in constant pain, unable to reach the turn signal of the car, unable to reach the top of my head, unable to sleep on my shoulder and having difficulty dressing myself.

The massage therapists at Tranquil Hour in Canyon, Texas recommended Hungarian Wellness Mud treatments.  Weekly 30 minute sessions were scheduled for several weeks.  The mud treatments immediately reduced pain levels to a manageable range.

During December, I made a quick arm movement which produced immediate acute pain.  This was turn off the lights, go to bed, curl in a ball, cover your head, leave me alone kind of pain.  An application of HWM™ the next day was the first relief I had in 24 hours.  The pain never returned to the agony stage.  I credited HWM™ with relieving that pain.

A regular schedule of treatments has helped me survive the painful stage of frozen shoulder.  The application of mud across my back to the opposite shoulder has seemed to prevent the involvement of that shoulder.

I believe this course of treatment has saved me many painful hours.  I am recommending it to my friends.

C. Ferguson, Amarillo, TX


Mud helped where surgery could not.

In April of 2005 I fell and tore my rotator cuff.  The tear was so bad that the orthopedic surgeon did not recommend surgery, as the chances for repairing the tear were not very good.  He recommended that I live with it for as long as I could.  He stated that when there was no other option, that shoulder replacement could be done.  That was not an option with me because the procedure has not been perfected.

I have regular appointments with massage therapist, (Susan Ilrbeck).  She tried several different treatments to help my shoulder.  Then on October 18th she told me we were going to try Hungarian Wellness Mud™.  To myself I thought, “We are going to do what?”  But I also trusted Susan to not try something she did not have faith in.  I can only say that I was amazed at the results from the mud.  The pain has been reduced to the point that I can go through complete days without being aware of my shoulder.  Before the mud treatments I spent most of the day rubbing my shoulder due to the pain.  I do not do well on pain medication, and am thrilled that I do not require any, unless I do something dumb like try to lift too much, after the mud treatments.  The tear has not been cured, but the pain has been reduced.

I would recommend Hungarian Wellness Mud™ to anyone.

J. Parker, Amarillo, TX


My back pain subsided after the first treatment.

I am a survivor of two back surgeries -- the first one in 1994 and the second in 2000.  I was introduced to HWM™ in October 2005.  After I received a treatment of HWM™ I noticed a big difference in the way I felt.  I wish I knew then, back in 1994, what I know now.  I believe that I would have had a different outcome.

B. Proctor, Amarillo, TX


My wrist feels much better!

I had learned about the mud treatment at an earlier time.

I was having trouble with numbness in my hands and a sore wrist. At present I have one swollen hand and still some numbness. After using the Hungarian Wellness Mud my sore hand feels much more flexible.

I'm anxious to try a therapy plan for both my hands and hips.

M. Cayhill, Ontario, Canada


Pain-Free For Days . . .

Having lived with varying degrees of lower back pain for many years, I have resorted to almost every possible treatment - Chiropractic, physio, massage and even acupuncture. The most effective therapy has been the Hungarian Wellness Mud treatment.

My first treatment left me totally pain-free for several days. A great degree of relaxation is experienced while the warm mud is working its magic. I found no stiffness up my back immediately, and this lasted several days. Lifestyle tends to interfere with well-being, I believe this slowly brought back the stiffness. Regular mud therapy I am sure, would be a most beneficial treatment to keep my back feeling "normal".

J. Foster, Ontario, Canada


Where painkillers couldn't help . . .

"I'm 78 years old and have been suffering for years with severe pain in my left hip and knee.

It was diagnosed as Bursitis and there wasn't much that could be done for the pain but to continue to take painkillers. This went on for years. One day my youngest daughter who works for Alexandria Professional suggested I try the Hungarian Wellness Mud the company brought in from Hungry.

I was skeptical and thought, if painkillers couldn't relieve the pain how could mud? Well, my daughter purchased some Hungarian Wellness Mud and first applied it to my knee. I couldn't believe it! After approximately 20 minutes the pain was leaving. So I agreed to go for treatment. The practitioner applied warm mud to my back, hip and knee and wrapped me in a warm blanket. 20 minutes later I was up and walking around with no pain in my hip or my knee and 24 hours later I still didn't have any pain. I am booked for another treatment in 2 days. I can hardly believe it, the Hungarian Wellness Mud really worked. For the first time in years I can truly say I have less pain and stiffness in my hip and knee. How wonderful I feel!

L. Karlowich, Ontario, Canada


It just works.

Since I started the Hungarian Wellness Mud therapy, I have noticed a vast improvement in my hands. The swelling in my fingers has decreased & the pain in my joints has improved.

C. Matthews, Ontario, Canada


Pain For Life? Don't Bet On It!

I am an 80 year old woman who had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis about 9 years. ago.

The disease started out as mild pain when the weather would change and progresses over the years to keeping me in bed some days totally. The knuckles in the hands were the first to feel the pain of inflammation and the use of my fingers dwindled over a few years. I was no longer able to sew and knit my grandchildren their clothes, as I had done for them in the past.

I went to the doctor and he prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and heating pads for the days it was too much for me. Once my hands got bad, my knees and hip started acting up more frequently and I tried 'Senior Aqua fit Classes' to keep myself from the pain while exercising for health. This seemed to help at least while I was in the pool and for a short time after each class. But as usual, the pain would return within a few hours and I would lie away most nights from the pain. Finally my doctor recommended more tests and at the end of all of this he told me that my problem was called Rheumatoid Arthritis and that it was not curable. I would live with this, possibly getting worse for the rest of my life.

After sometime, I was prescribed a new drug called Vioxx and began taking it daily. It seemed to take the edge off of the pain and I was getting around better from it. Just as I was starting to manage with the use of this new drug, my grad-daughter, who is an R.N. recommended that I speak to the doctor who prescribed at she had heard some negative things about the use of this drug and how it interacts with heart problems, which I had long before my arthritis started to get the best of me. When I mentioned it to the doctor, he told me I could ween off taking the pills but that he could only offer my old drugs (which did not work effectively) as alternative for me. I learned since then that the Vioxx I was taking could have given me a heart attack, especially since I suffer from Angina and high blood pressure.

I was distraught thinking that I would not be able to manage my pain and about to cancel out on heading South for the winter, I figured it would not do me much good to go south and sit alone in my condo while my friends were out and active in the sunshine.

Then my granddaughter asked me to try something for her. She told me she thought it would help the pain and that I would need an open mind for the treatments to work. She came by and brought a large container of green powder, she called Hungarian Wellness Mud. She stood in the kitchen mixing it up into a bowl, added hot water and kept testing the temperature. She then asked me to immerse my hands into the bowl and covered it with a towel. We talked while my hands were in this mud for a bout ½ hour. I was thinking at this point that I would need a manicure to get my fingernails clean when I took them out . When she said time was up she then rinsed my hands off and asked me to look and move my fingers and wrist. I was shocked at the amount of movement my hands could do. No pain in the fingers or at my wrist. They felt a little tingly but not in a bad way. I was happy and she was overjoyed that I felt better. She left and we said we'd get together in a week to do it again.

Well, time passed and she was busy, so was I and we never did another soak in the mud for about 1 month. I never called her but thought of it several times when the pain was getting bad. I thought about going back onto the medication again that the doctor had prescribed but instead had a mild heart attack and he would not let me take the pills at this time. So, I called my granddaughter and asked for some of the mud to use. She insisted that she come and stay with me during the treatments. We did these treatments once or twice a week for about 2 months and I was feeling very well in my hands from it.

Along came time to head south for the winter and I decided to go and have some mud sent down to me to do the treatments myself. Well, I am here now and I am catching this mud craze onto my friends in the seniors' complex and we meet for mud soaks and lunch once a week. I will have to go home soon so I can get more mud to bring back for our mud days...

I want to thank my loving granddaughter for nagging me until I would try this Hungarian Mud as I will not be without it in the future and perhaps when I get home we will start to work on my hip and knees. No time like the present to feel your best...

S. MacInnis, Ontario, Canada


Rosascea Worries Fade Using Hungarian Wellness Mud

I am a 37 year old, woman from Ontario, Canada and I have been using the Hungarian Wellness Mud for 3 years now to help treat the symptoms of my Acneic Rosascea.

Prior to using the mud masks, my skin was a mess, with cystic acne in areas that was painful at times. I had streaks of redness on both cheeks that never seemed to go away and I looked like I had placed a ton of bright blush on them. This condition was very embarrassing to me as I am an esthetician with a salon business. I felt like people judged my skill level in my job as they saw the' poor' condition of my face. It really affected myself-esteem and I tried to learn all I could about treatment methods out there to help. After many products, used and thrown out, class after class on skin care for acne and rosascea and futile attempts at deep pore cleansing facials, herbal lines designed to help, I was at my wits end.

However, I worked in the body sugaring business and became aware of this Hungarian Wellness Mud that they were using on clients to minimize redness of the skin after hair removal and to treat ingrown hair problems. I decided to give it try and I am ever so thankful I did. It reduced the red in my cheeks, dried up all my acne and smoothed out the appearance of my skin with in a few weeks.

Now I try to keep on top of the problem by giving myself 2 or 3 masks per week to maintain the clear skin and minimize redness. There are so many aggravators of Rosascea and I don't live a perfect life or eat the perfect 'anti-rosascea diet' so the mud is never far away. I am happy to know about and get to use this to help me ward off the negative effects of rosascea.

T. MacInnis, Ontario, Canada


This Mud Gave Me My Life Back!

I started the Hungarian Wellness mud treatments for fibromialgia and other aches and pains throughout my entire body on February 23/05. Before these treatments I was in so much pain that it affected my, family, career, housework and my life style. I wasn't able to continue as an Alexandria Body Sugaring practitioner due to pain in my wrists and back. I was thinking of a new career due at this point. I wasn't able to participate in a lot of activities with my two boys such as, rolling around on the floor with them or laying sports with them. My boys even knew to "gently hold mommy's hand because they hurt a lot". I wasn't able to sleep for more them 4 hours due to the pain caused by lying in a certain position for a long period of time.

At one point the pain was so bad that I hesitantly tried some Anti-inflammatory that my doctor prescribed to me. I was thinking I had no other options, but after only one week I had to stop the medicine because of the drastic irritation it caused my stomach. (I think the side effects where worse then the illness)

When I started coming for treatments with the Hungarian wellness mud, I felt immediate relief after just the first treatment. My muscles and joints felt very loose, and a lot of the pain was gone. My body felt like it just came out of a hot tub, very relaxed. I have had one or two sessions per week since then and as I continued to take treatments I could feel the relief for several days at a time and almost zero pain. I have more energy since starting the Hungarian Wellness Mud treatments. What a joy!!!

I feel my age again enabling me to go on with a normal life of cleaning house, playing with my children and sleeping all night. The Hungarian wellness mud has given me all of this with no negative side effects.

J. Kirby, Ontario, Canada


Can we help a sinus problem by packing that area... thinking of the natural antihistamine effect of the mud?

I did a jaw pack on myself the other day and it seemed to give me relief. Could have gotten worse because of the car crash and then the stair fall last Friday. The low back to ankle joints therapy and alternate mud baths have taken away the "unbelievable pain" I was in. I wanted to throw up from it. So, magically, I woke up yesterday morning, got out of bed and realized my body felt great. So I did a token half pack again this morning because I want to feel fabulous... all the time.

Lina Kennedy, Austin, Texas


My Excema is virtually gone

I am Bonnie's friend Charlcie and I had to personally write and let you know how happy I am with your product line.  I have had Exema (spelling?) for most of my life and have gone to many doctors and tried numerous of prescriptions; none of which worked at all.

I have been using your mud and Restore since July and my Exema is virtually gone.  I can't believe it!!!

Thank you so much for making a difference in my life!!!



Treatment for: Bee Sting

My nephew was stung by a bee.  His arm immediately began to swell and turn red.  I removed the stinger then ran home to get my HWM™.  When I returned, the sting area had swollen to the size of a golf ball.  I applied a layer of HWM™ and allowed it to dry.  He fell asleep with the mud on his arm and when he woke, about 2 hours later, the swelling was down and the redness gone.  The following morning when he woke up, you could not tell he was stung!

My family made fun of me because I am always saying “Let me put some mud on you”.  After they were able to see the mud work, they are the ones asking me to go get some mud and put it on them.

Rhonda Lincoln, Wimberley, TX


I feel that the mud treatments are an important & vital part of my healthier back

My back problems started in Sept. ’04. The doctor gave me muscle-relaxers & Viox to take but the pain still became wore. I could not bend over or sit for very long. I have also had problems with my neck (C5 & C6) for over 1 year that caused me to suffer from headaches. All of this pain stemmed from stress and my heavy lifting, bending at work. Medication relieved some of the pain for awhile but then it did not seem to work so well. I had loss of work as it was very painful on a daily basis for me. I did not like being on these medications for fear of being another ‘statistic’ in the Viox scene.

Since I was in pain and needed to get back to work, I started seeing a chiropractor locally to help with the pain. She x-rayed me and found that I have degenerative joint disease. My treatments with her were booked twice a week and she would do adjustments to my neck and back, then a deep tissue massage afterwards. This was excruciating painful for me and most times she had a problem adjusting my neck at all from the stiffness I had. After the therapy I was sore (I had to ice the area for hours afterwards) and could not go for my evening walk or exercise for a few days. I was still losing days of work from the pain and fatigue I felt. On the days when the chiropractor could perform neck adjustments, it was only on one side of the neck, so I was still getting headaches and neck pain after the treatments and was getting very tired of trying to treat this problem.

On Feb 18/05 I decided to try a Hungarian Wellness Mud Treatment just prior to my chiropractor appt. that day. During the treatment I felt very warm and a little tingling over my neck area but when the mud was washed off after treatment, I noticed that the muscles were feeling relaxed and not so stiff for about 12hrs after treatment. I went for my chiropractor appt the next day and it was a much easier, less painful treatment for me. The adjustment was easier on the left side of my neck and the deep tissue massage was not so painful. I did not need to ice it that night. Right away I noticed less pain and it lasted about 12hrs after my mud treatment.

For the next few weeks I had mud treatments twice a week and went to chiropractor once a week. I started to notice that the adjustments on my neck and lower back were easier and I don’t have the headaches anymore. I also noted that the pain was staying away from 24 hrs at first to 5-6 days now. I have now reduced my chiropractor visits to once every two weeks and my mud therapy to once a week, as I am feeling better but want to keep up the maintenance. I still get a little tightness and pain by the end of each week of work but look forward to having the treatment to ‘loosen up’. I did miss one week of treatments and really was able to feel the difference with the pain level and stiffness in my back and neck that week until my next mud/chiropractor visit came.

I feel that the mud treatments are an important & vital part of my healthier back these days and I am almost pain free now. I will want to continue these treatments, no matter what the cost!

Yours Truly,

Pam Smith, Fort Erie, ON